I must say I am not a collector of vintage cameras but rather I just loved to own a piece of history if I chanced upon something and here are some of the items that were lying around in my gallery and office. Some were bought and some were given to me by friends from as far as England. The oldest item is the list has to be the suitcase which is about 100 years old at the time of writing and the 9.5 mm projector which is 95 years old.

Vintage Cameras

Photography has been around in various forms since the dawn of the 19th century, so there are a good two centuries’ worth of photographic devices out there to capture the imagination.

Not surprisingly, this means there are many subsets and strands of camera collecting. Some people are keen on a particular make or brand of camera, whereas others will look for cameras from a certain period, or which have been owned by celebrities. A lot of it has to do with personal preference and interest.

Certain cameras are considered more collectable than others, though. The value of a vintage camera is often a matter of supply and demand. The vintage camera that I have around are not in mint conditions, just chanced upon them during my travel to abroad in markets and garage sales so here goes. Read More


We are pleased to announce that the Borneo Expedition will be covering and filming Episode 2 of our overland adventure series this year by joining the Trans Borneo event organised jointly by North Borneo Explorer (NBE) of Sabah, Malaysia  and P.T. Java Adventura of Java, Indonesia.


Trans Borneo started in 1988 when a group of former ex-Camel Trophy participants led by Yamin Vong, Dr. Zaini, Taib Khamis and the ACKL (Adventure Club Kuala Lumpur) members, decided to do a similar type of event in East Malaysia.

The first event started in Kuching and took participants on the roads less travelled towards Kota Kinabalu. The rugged clothes, bandana on their heads, participants with mud-boots, and mud-filled vehicles captured the public’s imagination and sparked off massive interest in off-roading in Sabah and Sarawak. In 1989, the event started in Kota Kinabalu heading towards Kuching. Read More


Today is my big 50th Birthday. In car terms, that is vintage status. Friends around my age group and elder will say it’s just a number and life is just beginning!

I must say my journey has not been entirely smooth. As a young man entering adulthood, I remember feeling like my potential was infinite. At 17, my first job was at McDonald’s in Melbourne, Australia. Graduated in 1989, came straight home to Kota Kinabalu to start my career as an Accountant and later started Ocean Pro Boats manufacturing in 1995 at Lumut, Perak as a young entrepreneur. The financial downturn in 1997 has caught me and I lost everything in 2000; the business, properties and my fiance of 7 years…

Blessed with supportive friends, family and a “Never Give Up” attitude, I re-discover my inner self, my strength and my weaknesses.  As I always have a passion for arts, cars, sports and the great outdoors, this has given me strength to pick up a camera and started photography to share my vision through my lens and has never looked back.  It’s important that we must be passionate and love what we do to live a quality and fulfilling life.

From my experience, the key in life is finding our balance. We have found our balance when we start to appreciate what we have, and not worried of what we don’t or lost.   This applies to all aspects of life, our career and relationship. We can only do so much within our limits and never let other factors to push us over our limits.

I’ve made a lot of memories in my 50 years and I know for a known fact that I will not be given another 50 so death will eventually come one day.  A great philosophy is that every new day from today onwards is a bonus!

SO THANK YOU FOR A GREAT 50 YEARS to all to the people that have shared it with me thus far and I bless you all my friends, my family members, my son Ian and lastly my lovely daughter, Abegale.

Have a great life ahead!

Love and Hugs

JOHN KONG, May 2017

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_dsc1667Meet 5-year-old Henry and his 9-year old brother, Adren, from Kampung Sungai Magandai, a remote village in the Kota Marudu District presently only accessible by off-road vehicles. Henry and Adren do not enjoy the modern pleasures of iPads, Disney channels and things that our children take for granted in their daily life.  Sunday means making two wooden swords from pieces of wood and a game of sword-fighting begins.  Henry and Adren are part of the 6 children of Kokop, aged 48 and his wife Marinok, 34.


The eldest daughter Nervina (20) works as a babysitter in Kota Marudu and her younger brother Zidan (17), currently works as a factory worker in Kota Kinabalu for a wage of only RM300 a month. Their 3rd child aged 15 also works as a babysitter in Tandek for a minimal wage of RM300 per month. Their youngest daughter, Elviana is only 2 years old.


Kokop’s house is a 3-kilometre walk from Kg. Sungai Magandai and is currently in a very rundown state. The roof is full of leaks and walls are made of tree barks.  Kokop barely makes less than RM50 a month from the sale of wild vegetables gathered from the forest. They have no piped water nor electricity in their house. Water is sourced from the river below and cooking is done with firewood where chicken meat and other meats are only for special occasions.


These are some of the current living conditions of the 100 homes of the Dusun Sonsogon people of Kg Sungai Magandai which has an estimated population of about 600 people.  The lives of these 100 homes are about to change for the better.


The Sabah Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association (SWEPA) is a Non-Governmental Organisation established since 1994. SWEPA aims to bring women entrepreneurs and professionals to the forefront in the economic development of the state and nation.

Headed by SWEPA Barefoot Solar Project Organising Chairlady Datin Jeanette Tambakau, and SWEPA Deputy President Datuk Aminah Ambrose, SWEPA is working together with Barefoot College in India, founded by Mr. Bunker Roy more than 40 years ago with a geographic focus on the least developed countries, to train women worldwide as solar engineers, innovators and educators, who then return to their villages to bring light and learning to their community.

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THE BORNEO EXPEDITION – Experience Borneo Like Never Before

The Borneo Expedition is a 4WD overlanding adventure travel series to promote overland routes in Borneo and beyond. Each expedition comprises of an exhilarating experience exploring destinations of significant geological, ecological, cultural and historical importance.

dji_0037bThe Expedition Team 


For Episode 1, the Borneo Expedition visits Long Pasia, the most southern part of Sabah in the Ulu Padas area. The Ulu Padas is known for being one of the richest plant diversity areas in Sabah, and Long Pasia a village that is particularly rich in culture, history and natural heritage, making it an absolutely unique tourist destination.

longpasia_panoramaPanaromic Aerial View of Long Pasia  

Long Pasia is the home of the Lundayeh people who have many similarities with the neighbouring Lundayeh people of the Kerayan-Kalabit highlands of East Kalimantan in Indonesia and Lawas, Sarawak where they are called Lun Bawang.


Long Pasia is located more than 250 Km from Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah. The overland journey to Long Pasia starts on the north-south highway from Kota Kinabalu to Tenom crossing the mighty Crocker Range. From the junction midway between Tenom and Sipitang highway, a 90 Km off road section awaits you before reaching Long Pasia.Sabah Map copy
Elevation changes become more dramatic with steep inclines going up to 1,220m above sea level at the highest point. The weather changes to a cooler, more comfortable temperature, as you leave the hot humid lowlands into the highlands of Long Pasia located at 1,000km above sea level. Read More