A 6 pages travel feature article written by John Kong was published as the main feature by Borneo Tuner Magazine  2014 Issue No.45. John participated in the Trans Borneo 2014 event as a photojournalist.         

A 3 page feature about the Trans Borneo Expedition 2014 was published as the main feature by Sabah Malaysian Borneo Magazine November 2014 Issue. The Sabah Malaysian Borneo Magazine is the official tourism publication for Sabah Tourism Board. John’s photo aslo made the front cover of the the magazine for that Month.     

THE BORNEO SAFARI INTERNATIONAL OFFROAD CHALLENGE John was elected as the executive council member of the Sabah Four Wheel Drive Association from 2012 to 2014. He was also appointed as Borneo Safari’s event promoter from years 2011 to 2013.  The Concept of Borneo Safari is an exclusive and upbeat 8 Days 4WD expedition through the, Read More

John has the expertise to design, develop and market event merchandise. For the Borneo Safari event, John has created the Borneo Safari Adventure Gears which were sold out during the event.  Borneo Safari Adventure Gears are designed with the spirit of adventure in mind with each individual items carefully designed for the rugged demand, Read More