LEADER IN JAPANESE 4WD USED PARTS – is a feature to highlight sponsors for the event giving them a good coverage of their business and brand values to the audience.   

SNEAK PEEKS EVENT ITINERARY – is a pre-event feature to give participants, sponsors and media a teaser of whats to expect from the event. This feature was publish in many press releases, magazines to generate interest and publicity for the event.     

THE DRIVING FORCE – is a feature to highlight the the Event Director and President of the Sabah Four Wheel Drive Association and his current and future mission and visions of the Borneo Safari Event and the association.     

18 YEARS STILL GOING STRONG!! – is a featured to highlight people and photojournalist of the event. Honouring great people who has been part of the prestigious event over the years. This feature was develop to promote Borneo Safari International Offroad Challenge. The person featured was Mr. Toshiharu Urabe, an international offroad photojournalist from, Read More

VEHICLE OF THE YEAR – is a feature developed to highlight the awards and recognition that can be won from the event. Also create awareness of vehicle parts, accessories and technical requirements for joining the event. Published for the Borneo Safari 2011 Event Magazine for Sabah Four Wheel Drive Association.     

8 pages travel feature article written by John Kong was published as main feature by the SUV 4×4 Magazine 2014 Issue No.9. John participated in the Trans Borneo 2014 event as a photojournalist.     

A 3 page feature about the Trans Borneo Expedition 2014 was published as the main feature by Sabah Malaysian Borneo Magazine November 2014 Issue. The Sabah Malaysian Borneo Magazine is the official tourism publication for Sabah Tourism Board. John’s photo aslo made the front cover of the the magazine for that Month.     

In the year 2006, John has started Borneo Images, a gallery located at the Nature and Resort City of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. The gallery showcases the collection of fine prints captured by John and a team of photographers and naturalists showcasing the beauty of Mother Nature. The mission is to use awe-inspiring photography as, Read More