_D3X0958This is a close up view of the KM 6 to KM 7 section of the summit trail (Laban Rata to the Sayat Sayat) area of Mt. Kinabalu. A quake measuring 5.9 which hit the Ranau District on June 5, 2015 at 7.17 AM where 14 climbers and 4 mountain guides have perished.  The summit trail is marked in red and the Via Ferrata route is marked in blue. The beaten trail with white markings on the rock face is currently closed for repair and Sabah Parks has suspended climbing activities. According to a statement by Sabah Parks, tremors must stop before actual damage can be assessed and a team will be dispatched to identify possible new climbing routes. The sections of  mountain trail that were damaged are between KM 1.5 to KM 1.8, and KM 6.1 to KM 7. Damaged facilities were the rest house at Sayat Sayat, Panar Laban and Laban Rata.

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Mount Nongkok often known as “The Son of Mount Kinabalu”, is the little mountain that sits by the heel of Mt Kinabalu on the west side. Can be seen that both the Father and Son are scarred by the recent quake where the epicentre is located very near to the west side of Mt. Kinabalu..

Will be documenting the changed landscape of Mt. Kinabalu over the next few months at my blog



After the Sogit which was performed this morning, the sky opened and Mt. Kinabalu is at full bloom again! Though now scarred from the landslides from the recent quake, she is still as majestic as ever all ready to rejuvenate. Sabahans and Malaysians, let’s pray that she shall forever be at peace and be our national pride for the generations to come.


Project FJ Cruiser is to build an overland expedition vehicle for my upcoming expedition trips across the island of Borneo and beyond. Either love it or hate it, the Toyota FJ Cruiser is a retro styled SUV with styling and off road performance reminiscent of the original Toyota FJ40 Land Cruisers.

Available since 2006, Toyota USA announced the 2014 model year Trail Teams edition will be the called the “Ultimate Edition” and that the 2014 model year would be the last for the FJ Cruiser in the US. However, it will still be available at other markets in the world.

This blog category  is to document the resources that I have made references and the parts and accessories that were chosen to build this vehicle. I hope this will be a good resource for those who are interested to do the same to your vehicles to chase the adventure of your life!

Will update from time to time the progress of the build with details of parts and modifications done.


An anchovy fisherman on a boat making his way to the one of the hundreds of anchovy fishing platforms called Bagang at the Marudu Bay at Pitas, Sabah.