Well wishers pay respect to the Mt. Kinabalu earthquake victims. A tribute with the words IN SOLIDARITY WITH EVERYONE ON MOUNT KINABALU and a mountain guide carrying a victim are drawn on a wall at the former Lands and Survey building now often named the Sabah Art Grafitti buidling just adjacent to Suria Sabah Shopping Complex. Members from the CrackoArtGroup who created the artwork on the wall seen encouraged everyone to hug each other and sung the songs Sabah Tanah Air Ku and Amazing Grace..




In memory of those who perished in the Malaysian Earthquake measuring 6.0 which hit the State of Sabah on June 5th, 2015 at 7.17 AM with the epicentre at western side of Mt. Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia and one the highest peaks in South East Asia. Deepest condolence to the families and friends of the following 18 climbers and mountain guides whom we have lost and shall forever be remembered.

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Lim Choon Seong, 45 (male)
Muhammad Logman Abd Karim, 22 (male)
Valerian Joannes, Mt Torq staff (male)
Ricky Masarin, Mt Torq staff (male)
Joseph Solugin, mountain guide (male)
Robbie Sapinggi, 30, mountain guide (male)

Rachel Ho Yann Shilin, 12, (female)
Sonia Jhala, 12, (female)
Emilie Giovanna Ramu, 12, (female)
Ameer Ryyan bin Mohd Aded, 12, (male)
Navdeep Singh Jayral s/o Raj Kumar, 13 (male)
Mohammad Ghazi b Mohamed, 35, (male)
Loo Jian Liang Terrence, 29 (male)
Muhammad Daanish b Amran, 22 (male)
Wee Ying Ping Peony, 12 (female)

Karyl Mitzi Higuit Matahom, 12, (female)

Ozaki Masahiro, 29 (male)

Lugi, 35 (male)




Mount Kinabalu has spoken. Malaysia and the State of Sabah recorded her first major earthquake in history at 7.17 AM today registering a Richter scale of 6.0. The epicentre is at the western section of Mt. Kinabalu located 19 Km from town of Ranau and 54 Km from Kota Kinabalu city, the state capital. Buildings shook and tremors were felt at the Capital city and as far as Northern Kudat, Kota Marudu, Tenom in the interior and Beaufort to the South of the Capital City.

Sources confirmed the infamous donkey ears peak pictured below captured during my climb are damaged where sections of the peaks have fallen off and climbers are stranded up the mountain. May God protect them and let us pray for their safety and to respect Mother Nature.


Off the coast of Marudu Bay at the northern part of Sabah, there are more than 200 traditiional anchovies fishing platforms. These platforms made of bamboo and neebong trees trunks tied together with ropes are called Bagang. A fishing net is suspended mid water under the Bagang and a bright light is used to attract the fishes into the middle of the net. The nets are then raise by using a traditional method of winching and the catch are sorted. Anchovies caught are cooked in boiling water to maintain the freshness.


John had the opportunity to work with ISUZU Malaysia to promote the DMax vehicles during the  2013 Borneo Safari International Offroad Challenge. Work done for ISUZU was brand awareness in Borneo Safari and the Borneo 4WD and Outdoor Show. Feature news features, vehicle decals, merchandise, media awareness were integrated together with the promotional tools of the event.