613 Customs is a car bespoke and restoration company started by John Kong in 2018 to pursue his life long passion for motor cars with a special love for classic Land Rovers and Defenders. Ever since he started his motoring life with a classic 1976 Alfa Romeo 105 series in Australia at the age of 18, his passion to make his rides better has never stopped.
Our products are also well thought out in order to offer our clients a piece of our MOTION ART whether in URBAN (modern) , CLASSIC (retro)  or ADVENTURE (outdoor) range. Our products are also developed with reputable suppliers around the globe to offer value with beautiful art in motion design.

613 Custom’s philosophy is to bespoke and restore cars through sustainable methods and materials where we will only replace parts if we really need to and not necessary using the most expensive materials. More often, it involves recycling and up-cycling. Our modifications and restoration are well researched and thought out so our clients can save valuable time and resources to realise their dreams.

The first 2 products which we have developed are the URBAN MOTION ART SERIES Sport Seats and Sports Steering Wheel set custom made for Land Rover Defender (1985 to 2015) to give Defender owners a choice for better seating and driving comfort and most importantly to transform from the ordinary to perfection!

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Motion Art – You Dream It, We Will Build It.


On March 16, 2018, the Sabah Tourism Board, DBKK and PAM Sabah Chapter has jointly organised a centennial celebration for this auspicious occasion. The celebrations will start in the evening at 5:00 pm at Gaya Street in front of the building with Food, Handricrafts and Buskers perfomances. The Guest of Honour, Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah will officiate the opening ceremony together with Ar. Rizal Ahmad Banjar, Deputy Chairman of PAM Sabah Chapter. The ceremony will end at 8:00 PM. Read More


The name YM Dato’ Seri Tengku Dr Zainal Adlin Bin Tengku Mahamood or in short Tengku Adlin is a living legend. Born on 18th June, 1940 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Tengku Adlin started his career as a pilot in the 50s to 60s and later pursued his training and career as a public administrator where in 1995, he awarded a PhD (Hon.) from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Tengku’s list of credentials are just endless and he has also received numerous awards and recognitions for outstanding contribution to wildlife and forest conservation in Malaysia and the regions.  Tengku Adlin is the present Chairman of Sabah Parks Board of Trustees and the Patron of Sabah Land Rover Club.

Tengku Adlin while planning for the Camel Trophy 1993 with event director Ian Chapman at Kota Belud

He has also initiated the conservation of Danum Valley and Maliau Basin ‘Sabah’s Lost World by the Sabah Foundation. Tengku Adlin established the Danum Valley Field Research Centre in 1984 and the Borneo Rain Forest Lodge in 1994. He played a leading role as Chairman of WWF Malaysia in the establishment of the Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary in 2000 and the formation of the Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society in 2007, Malaysia’s first Gift to the Earth Kinabatangan floodplain in 1999 and the Corridor of Life of the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary in 2006 by the Sabah Government. Read More


Alfred Dent

North Borneo (now known as the State of Sabah) was a British protectorate located in the northern part of the island of Borneo. The territory of North Borneo was originally established by concessions of the Sultanates of Brunei and Sulu in 1877 and 1878 to a German-born representative of Austria-Hungary, a businessman and diplomat, von Overbeck.

Overbeck had purchased a small tract land in the western coast of Borneo in 1876 from an American merchant Joseph William Torrey, had promoted the territory in Hong Kong since 1866. Overbeck then transferred all his rights to Alfred Dent before withdrawing in 1879.

In 1881, Dent established the North Borneo Provisional Association Ltd to manage the territory, which was granted a royal charter in the same year. The following year, the Provisional Association was replaced by the North Borneo Chartered Company. The granting of royal charter worried both the neighbouring Spanish and Dutch authorities and as a result the Spanish began to stake their claim to northern Borneo. A protocol known as the Madrid Protocol was signed in 1885 to recognise Spanish presence in the Philippine archipelago, in return establishing the definite border of Spanish influence beyond northern Borneo. To avoid further claims from other European powers, North Borneo was made a British protectorate in 1888.

North Borneo produced timber for export; along with agriculture this industry remained the main economic resource for the British in Borneo. As the population was too small to effectively serve the economy, the British sponsored various migration schemes for Chinese workers from Hong Kong and China to work in the European plantations, and for Japanese immigrants to participate in the economic activities of North Borneo.

Based on an agreement between the British Government and the British North Borneo Company for the establishment of a British Protectorate signed at London, 12 May 1888. The State of North Borneo comprises the territories specified in the said Royal Charter, and such other territories as the Company have acquired, or may hereafter acquire, ‘under the provisions of Article XV of the said Charter.

I. The State of North Borneo is divided into nine Provinces, namely:
• Province Alcock;
• Province Cunliffe;
• Province Dent;
• Province Dewhurst;
• Province Elphinstone;
• Province Keppel;
• Province Martin;
• Province Mayne; and
• Province Myburgh. Read More


36 months ago, I took a 3 months break in January 2015 in Sydney, Australia. I wanted to learn journalism and video production so I signed up for photojournalism course at the Australian School of Journalism, creative writing, videography and design training courses at the University of Sydney. The courses I took have given me the foundation I needed to expand my knowledge in video and filming production.

My photography career has reached a point where I burned out and I am looking for more challenges to expand my knowledge and skills. Capturing a moment in time with a static image can tell a million words is one thing. But to be able to write and tell a wonderful story is something else.  I think when we reached a certain stage in your life, we just need to start writing and documenting not only about ourselves but interesting stories that surrounds us. Whether it’s something we believe in, something we support or something that will benefit the society.

The 3 months break I took has really gave me the ability to rethink, revalue, refocus and recharge myself to continue my career. Catching up with old friends over dinner on Chapel Street in Melbourne, breakfast and coffee in Frankston beach in Melbourne, meeting new friends on mountain bike rides at the Blue Mountains, spending quality time with my brother in Sydney and going back to college to study is really fun!


Upon return to Malaysia, I went on to develop my career in videography and mainly focusing on the role as a producer and director. Having the passion to produce interesting documentaries and videos will not work unless I have a dedicated videography team. Glad to have met these 2 fellas, Asbury Bendy and Engelbert Chong who has the patience to tolerate and believing in my judgement in the field and hence the successful formation of the Borneo 360 ALIVE Productions team. We have gone the miles in the last 2 years and have developed a reputable portfolio of clients, produced commercials for Sabah Tourism Board and a TV Series which we hope to get it aired this year. A big thanks to Canon Marketing Malaysia also for supporting us with the cool equipment which has helped us to excel in our fields.


To failures, success, happiness, health, adventures, joy, celebrations, sadness, those who left us, those who believe in us, those who trust us, those who support us, its all part of the journey of life and I wish you all another great journey ahead in 2018 and let’s hope we can share your story.

We present here our 2017 Showreel of some of the work we have done. GOD BLESS!