Best of Kinabalu Park Guidebook

The Best of Kinabalu Park Guide booklet is the official Sabah Tourism Board’s brochures for Kinabalu Park first published in September 2014. John was commissioned by Sabah Tourism Board to develop this 60 pages brochure which measures 18 cm x18 cm. This booklet is distributed at all Sabah Tourism Board’s tourism information centres as well as international travel roadshows. The objective of this brochure is to give potential visitors a different perspective of Kinabalu Park and to provide detailed information of other activities and places of interest  that are available. Nicely illustrated trail maps were also developed to provide more information to tourist to the park. John headed the content development, photography and creative artwork of the project. For more information please visit :

 The Front and Back Cover.STB_Kinabalu_Park_Guidebook_02 The table of contents page.STB_Kinabalu_Park_Guidebook_03 Illustrated maps and diagrams to assist tourist .STB_Kinabalu_Park_Guidebook_04

Off the beaten track is the most interesting section of this new brochure.


Complete information on trail maps are available.