613 Customs – You Dream It, We Build It.

613 Customs is a car bespoke and restoration company started by John Kong in 2018 to pursue his life long passion for motor cars with a special love for classic Land Rovers and Defenders. Ever since he started his motoring life with a classic 1976 Alfa Romeo 105 series in Australia at the age of 18, his passion to make his rides better has never stopped.
Our products are also well thought out in order to offer our clients a piece of our MOTION ART whether in URBAN (modern) , CLASSIC (retro)  or ADVENTURE (outdoor) range. Our products are also developed with reputable suppliers around the globe to offer value with beautiful art in motion design.

613 Custom’s philosophy is to bespoke and restore cars through sustainable methods and materials where we will only replace parts if we really need to and not necessary using the most expensive materials. More often, it involves recycling and up-cycling. Our modifications and restoration are well researched and thought out so our clients can save valuable time and resources to realise their dreams.

The first 2 products which we have developed are the URBAN MOTION ART SERIES Sport Seats and Sports Steering Wheel set custom made for Land Rover Defender (1985 to 2015) to give Defender owners a choice for better seating and driving comfort and most importantly to transform from the ordinary to perfection!

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Motion Art – You Dream It, We Will Build It.

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