Long Pasia Community Project with The Sabah Land Rover Club

This episode was aired in ASTRO Channel 109 and RTM in 2019.

It has been two years since the last visit to Taman Maga Nooh in Long Pasia to explore the trekking routes developed by the people of the village. Long Pasia is one of the most beautiful forested areas in the southwest of Sabah, steeped in local history, indigenous culture and wilderness that have all the trappings of an adventure tourism destination. A makeshift camping facility was built in Taman Maga Nooh some years ago but it has long fallen to disrepair with little to no funding to help put it right again.

The Sabah Land Rover Club has since stepped up to the plate and answered the plight of the people of Long Pasia by donating a fund to rebuild the old campsite facilities. On April 13, 2018, a group of 30 volunteers from the Sabah Land Rover Club which included tourism professionals, made a trip to Long Pasia to see the completed project and put some finishing touches to it.

Ten volunteers stayed back at Long Pasia to erect a new tourist map signage at the village while the rest geared up for the trek to Maga Falls with the village rangers. Distance markers were placed along the 11.2km trail to the Taman Maga Nooh campsite which has been totally rebuilt and upgraded to include a sleeping area that can accommodate between 18 and 20 persons per night, an outdoor cooking area, a dining area and a toilet. Zinc roofing has been used to ensure are facilities are kept dry and hopefully will do so for at least another 10-15 years.

Among those who trekked to Maga Falls was James Chew, a member of the Sabah Tourist Guide Association who opined that the trail route holds good tourism potential. It was a long 8-hour trek on the first day which yielded enough interesting flora to impress nature lovers and the curious alike. Another member of the group remarked that it would be great to see at least another campsite along the route to allow trekkers the opportunity to spend more time exploring the surroundings. Bearing in mind that leeches are in abundance at some stretches of route, this suggestion certainly reflects on the positive attributes of Long Pasia as a nature destination.

The well-laid trail and undulating terrain is challenging without being too difficult for the average trekker with the rushing sounds and cool water of Maga Falls to soothe all your aches away at the end of the trail.

You have to visit Long Pasia to enjoy this moment. To arrange a visit to Long Pasia and Taman Maga Nooh, please call:

Nooh Dawa : +6017-8663556 or Nooh’s Daugther: +6013-8399085 for homestay, trekking, porters and long pasia organic adan rice.


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