Borneo 360 ALIVE Magazine Volume 22


Beneath the shine and sparkle of the holiday season and the new year, it’s also the season that brings up other worries, such as our environment, social and economic future. Why are some Sabahans living and working away from home? Is the money really better or they want to escape our increasingly bad traffic jams, rising cost of living for a better quality of life?

We often asked ourselves, what is Sabah’s current status and planning for our future in terms of Sustainable Development?  Are our city planners doing their job? Does our present Government have all the sustainable policies in place?  By working with IEM Sabah Branch, this issue of BORNEO 360 explores the current Sabah’s smart technologies and sustainable development and we are proud to present you the Sabah Story. We have the pleasure to interview the Chief Minister of Sabah, Director of JKR, Mayor of Kota Kinabalu, for their views and highlighted 8 superb projects that have and will significantly shaped Sabah as a Smart Green State.  This includes the Tanjung Aru Eco Development Project (TAED). Because of the much debate and concern by the public over the development of the TAED project, we will continue to feature the development of this project in our present and coming future issues.

For our personality feature, we caught up with Ir. James Yong, the IEM Sabah Branch Chairman to find out more about the Institute of Engineers Malaysia and his views on Sustainable Development.

Our BORNEO 360 ALIVE YouTube channel is filled with more than 20 exciting new videos for you! SMILE is beautiful video of Kota Kinabalu featuring Ms. Cindy Foo, Miss Sabah Tourism 2017 and is a collaboration with Sabah Tourism Board. Our main feature on Sustainable Sabah has more than 10 great videos to watch. Don’t miss the exciting Borneo Expedition Episode 2 Trailer and many more such as Paragliding super girl Nadia, food and travelogues!


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