Binapuri – The New Sabah State Administrative Green Building

As one of the prime building contractors for the government of Sabah, our client strives to promote and implement sustainable policies in urban development with multi modular transportation system, inter connected green spaces and a good balance of public commercial and residential developments.

Binapuri group involves a quarry, construction and property development. Binapuri has a presence of more than 20 years in Sabah. Binapuri group are ISO certified with multiple integrated management system certification and has won multiple awards through the years.  Today, Binapuri is very proud to say that we have almost 100 staffs in Sabah where almost 90% staff are Sabahans.

Binapuri strives to work with our client’s sustainable development projects through the implementation of smart technologies and the Green Building Index  (GBI) which was established in 2008 as a national ranking system and set of guidelines for green development.

To comply with our client’s request for the Sabah State Administrative Building to be a GBI certified building, we have successfully implemented several Smart Technology and GBI certification features such as rain water harvesting system, building automation system, low volatile organic compound(VOC) materials and sustainable certified wood materials.

For the rainwater harvesting system, rainwater will be collected and channelled to the harvesting tank located at the ground floor of the building. The water from the tank will be used to increase efficiency in water and irrigation system of the building and surrounding landscapes such as wash room flushing and watering of plants.

The building automation system is an integrated software to control the lights and air-conditioning system where motion detectors, timers, led lights are all utilised to increase efficiency and to reduce power consumptions.

With our experience, BInapuri is condident to undertake and deliver any projects in Sabah as Binapuri is proven to have built many mega projects in Sabah such as IMAGO, PKNs and others.


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