Best Place To Take Picture Of KLCC, The Icon of Malaysia

If you heading for a holiday or a business trip to Kuala Lumpur and is thinking of capturing some stunning images of Kuala Lumpur, the most photographed location in Kuala Lumpur is undeniably, the Petronas Twin Towers, often regarded as the icon of Malaysia.

Also known as KLCC, this 88-storey building stands at an amazing height of 452 metres and is hailed as the world’s tallest twin structure. Complementing the metallic and steel architecture is the KLCC Park, a beautifully landscaped garden complete with water fountains and spacious walking paths perfect for an early morning run if you are staying in near the area.


If you are a shutter bug and wishes to take some amazing shots of KLCC or a Kuala Lumpur cityscapes with the KLCC in your image, then you need to plan your trip. The first is to stay at a hotel with a room view of the KLCC. This will enable you to capture KLCC from window view at different time or mood of the day. One of the best hotel where I stayed is Shangri-La Traders Hotel.  Price per night at Traders can be higher than the average hotel which commands now more than RM800 per night. If staying a Trader’s is not an option, then make a visit to the Sky Bar located on the 33rd floor of the Trader’s Hotel with a swimming pool and the best time to photograph is at dusk where the city lights came up against a sky that still have some last evening lights to balance your exposure.


From the ground, a visit to the KLCC Park will also give you many vantage points. KLCC Park is a 50-acre garden set close to Suria KLCC shopping centre. Designed by Roberto Burle Marx, it was designed to provide a touch of greenery for the Petronas Twin Towers and the areas surrounding it. On the park grounds is a 10,000sqm manmade lake (Lake Symphony) with a 43m bridge that cuts across.

Unquestionably, Lake Symphony is the reason most people frequent the park; it has water fountains that can shoot water up to a height of 42m. These daily water shows occur at noon and in the evenings and are popular with kids. KLCC Park has over 1,900 indigenous trees from 74 species; 40 of these trees were transplanted from the former Selangor Turf Club racecourse, which lies to the southeast of the city.

Besides the various waterfalls, fountains, cascade and reflecting pools scattered around the park, there are a variety of facilities at KLCC Park including a two-acre children’s playground, a 1.3km-long jogging track, shelters and benches, patterned footpaths and sculptures. On KLCC Park’s western stretch is a public children’s swimming pool.


From a further distance, the Berjaya Times Square Hotel also have a good view of the greater Kuala Lumpur cityscapes with the KL Towel also in view. Do try to stay at a room with a KLCC view at the higher floors.

EQUIPMENT TIPS – A wide angle 12-24 mm and a 24-70 mm lens will be good for cityscapes. However, if you have a 70-200 mm lens, you can get some complementing close ups. A 300 / 500 mm lens will enable you to capture details of the KLCC building.  A tripod and a remote cable is essential as this will enable you to capture long exposure and time lapses.

WEATHER TIPS – Cityscapes photography is similar to landscapes and very dependent on the weather! Please check your weather before you travel to location. Kuala Lumpur seems also to have a recurring season for haze and that is also bad for photography.

COMPOSITION TIPS – If you are taking picture through a hotel window, make sure you select a clean spot on the window glass and place your camera or lens as near as possible to the window glass to avoid any form of reflection. Switch off all lights in your room.  Use longer exposure to capture the night lights. Fountains also look great with long exposures. Lakes and water features are a great place to look for reflections as foregrounds to your picture.





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