The UMS Borneenis Gallery

The Borneenis Gallery is located at the Institute of Biological Tropical and Conservation Institute of Universiti Malaysia Sabah. As a centre of excellence and a significant research institute in Borneo, ITBC contribute in engaging research towards the conservation of wildlife and supports conservation initiatives particularly in the state Sabah.

Our company, Ebiz Design & Communications was engaged to design and built the gallery from concept design, 3D rendering and construction. We wish to thank Universiti Malaysia Sabah for entrusting us with the project and we are so happy that it turned out so good!  Based on modern contemporary design, the gallery has the centre feature of a tropical tree with surrounding colours of the forest and wood.

Our company has also built more than 10 galleries around Sabah over the last 10 years from Sukau Kinabatangan Wildlife Centre, Gomantong Visitor Centre, Kinabalu World Heritage Gallery, UMS Gallery, UMS Museum, UMS Palepas Gallery, Rafflesia Centre Tambunan, Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, Mesilau Nature Centre Gallery  and Likas Wetlands.


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