The PAHLAWAN 2000 – A MOSTI Social Innovation Program

This project is a joint collaboration between MTDC and MOSTI under the program MOSTI SOCIAL INNOVASION (MSI). MTDC is an agency under MOSTI to implement this MSI project to bring the PAHLAWAN 2000 mobile advanced membrane water filtration system to benefit the communities.

The role of MOSTI is to select the village and to ensure that the head of the communities are trained to manage the system by themselves for at least a period of 5 years after installation.

This project uses technology membrane, filtration and UV treatment to treat river water from the surrounding area to drinking water quality, safe from bacteria and minerals.

The PAHLAWAN 2000 requires a water source, for example a river so that the system can have a constant supply of water to be treated.

As this technology is developed by Malaysians, the project’s mission is to translate this research from our local laboratories.

The project’s mission is Translation Research where local developed technologies are to benefit the people of Malaysia.


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