Today is my big 50th Birthday. In car terms, that is vintage status. Friends around my age group and elder will say it’s just a number and life is just beginning!

I must say my journey has not been entirely smooth. As a young man entering adulthood, I remember feeling like my potential was infinite. At 17, my first job was at McDonald’s in Melbourne, Australia. Graduated in 1989, came straight home to Kota Kinabalu to start my career as an Accountant and later started Ocean Pro Boats manufacturing in 1995 at Lumut, Perak as a young entrepreneur. The financial downturn in 1997 has caught me and I lost everything in 2000; the business, properties and my fiance of 7 years…

Blessed with supportive friends, family and a “Never Give Up” attitude, I re-discover my inner self, my strength and my weaknesses.  As I always have a passion for arts, cars, sports and the great outdoors, this has given me strength to pick up a camera and started photography to share my vision through my lens and has never looked back.  It’s important that we must be passionate and love what we do to live a quality and fulfilling life.

From my experience, the key in life is finding our balance. We have found our balance when we start to appreciate what we have, and not worried of what we don’t or lost.   This applies to all aspects of life, our career and relationship. We can only do so much within our limits and never let other factors to push us over our limits.

I’ve made a lot of memories in my 50 years and I know for a known fact that I will not be given another 50 so death will eventually come one day.  A great philosophy is that every new day from today onwards is a bonus!

SO THANK YOU FOR A GREAT 50 YEARS to all to the people that have shared it with me thus far and I bless you all my friends, my family members, my son Ian and lastly my lovely daughter, Abegale.

Have a great life ahead!

Love and Hugs

JOHN KONG, May 2017



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