The Borneo Expedition 2016 – Sabah-Malaysia Chapter


Let’s start by introducing myself.  From the humble beginnings of working as a creative director, to photographer, to photojournalist, to publisher during the last 15 years, my passion for 4WD expedition has started only 6 years ago by an invitation to join Borneo Safari as an event photographer in 2009/2010.  I was engaged as Borneo Safari’s event promoter for the years 2011 to 2014 and it has propelled Borneo Safari to become one of the biggest offroading event in South East Asia in recent years.

With the advancement of the digital age,  the world is getting smaller, the environment is getting more vulnerable, friendships and families ties are getting closer, borders are no longer limits, communication is just a finger touch away, the construction of the new Pan Borneo highway linking the west coast of Borneo and the new ferry terminal linking Sabah and Pahlawan Island of the Philippines are all new milestones for the Borneo Island.  The opportunity to discover the true beauty of the Borneo Island through overlanding has really inspired me to start this project.

The core value of The Borneo Expedition is to develop, document and promote sustainable overland routes in the Borneo island. Each expedition comprises of an exhilarating experience designed to promote key destinations of significant geological, ecological, cultural and historical importance. An online overlanding website, tourism brochures and a special coffee table book of each expedition will be published detailing the beautiful destinations that were visited, the crew, the vehicles, the participants and detailed route maps for overland enthusiasts who wish to revisit the routes in the future. Each participant will get a copy of the beautifully illustrated coffee table book to keep for memories and more importantly, this book will be distributed worldwide to promote overland tourism for the island of Borneo.

The Borneo Expedition covers different types of off-road activities but do not rule out the occasional Grade 3 mud crossings or Grade 4 extreme hardcore winching and river crossings which are the core of 4WD driving fun! Routes are developed not to destroy your vehicles or the environment but rather to enable you to really enjoy driving within a safety margin for the participants.  Participants will be treated with breathtaking views of Borneo’s geological, ecological, historical landscapes and cultures has to offer to the world! Convoy size will also be kept less than 30 vehicles to enhance convoy team spirit and most importantly to preserve the environment through sustainable green lane practices.

To get the inaugural project rolling, the first edition of the expedition is to explore the best of Sabah, Malaysia’s overland destinations. Borneo is famous for being home to legendary 4WD events such as the Camel Trophy, Trans Borneo Expedition and Borneo Safari. This year’s route and itinerary will cover the best locations Sabah has to offer covering jungle trekking to the lost world, river cruise in search of wildlife, paddle the Padas River,  trek to the best waterfalls, take the most nostalgic train ride (only train line in Borneo which remained very much the same since 1993), join a charity event at a remote village and get to know the ancestral guardian of the caves!  To add in the fun, an exclusive line of expedition attires, convoy vehicle decals and adventure gears will also be designed for participants. Are you ready for an adventure?

Corporate companies, government agencies and NGOs partners who wished to join us on this promotional campaign are most welcomed!  To achieve our goals, your organisation’s support & sponsorship are highly needed for the success of our event to  promote Borneo as an EXOTIC OVERLANDING TOURISM DESTINATION in the global market. As always, we are very excited to work with your organisation for branding partnerships and with our experience, you can be rest assured that your brand values will be well elevated.

Come join us on this fun filled occasion to document and experience the best overlanding expedition Sabah has to offer!

Thank you.



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