Visit to YM Dato’ Seri Tengku Dr. Zainal Adlin, Chairman of Sabah Parks Board of Trustees

Paid a visit today to YM Dato’ Seri Tengku Dr. Zainal Adlin, Chairman of Sabah Parks Board of Trustees to hand him the latest print of Mount Kinabalu after the Sabah quake. Also wish to thank YM Dato’ Seri for his acceptance to become the Organising Chairman and Patron of The Borneo Expedition, a 4WD event to retrace the Camel Trophy 1993 route to be held from November 29 to December 6th this year.


The concept of The Borneo Expedition is to develop, document and promote sustainable overland routes in the Borneo Island. Each expedition is designed to provide exhilarating experience to participants with breathtaking views of Borneo’s geological, ecological, historical landscapes and cultures has to offer to the world!  Convoy size will also be kept less than 30 vehicles to enhance convoy team spirit and most importantly to preserve the environment through sustainable green lane practices. The mission is to promote Borneo as an EXOTIC OVERLANDING TOURISM DESTINATION in the global market.


To get the inaugural project rolling, what better way than to roll back in time to retrace the most legendary 4WD event of the century, the Camel Trophy. The Camel Trophy was held in the island of Borneo for 3 editions; the Borneo edition in 1986, the Sabah-Malaysia edition in 1993 and the Kalimantan edition again in 1996.  The Camel Trophy has in fact inspired many offroading events in this region.  To make this inaugural event more meaningful, former Camel Trophy participants and 4WD legends whom has been part of this legendary event in Borneo are invited to join us on this first edition of The Borneo Expedition themed “Retracing the 1993 Camel’s Trail”.

To recapture the true spirit of the Camel Trophy and as a tribute to the Land Rover Defender, schedule to end in production this year, this first edition of this event is exclusively for Land Rovers vehicles.  At least 3 units of Camel Trophy replicas owned by passionate Camel Trophy enthusiast will be joining the expedition. Participants are also most welcomed to dress their Land Rover for the occasion. A full sand glow yellow coloured convoy of Land Rovers will be a dream come true!!  To add in the fun, an exclusive line of expedition attires, convoy vehicle decals and adventure gears will also be designed for participants.

This year’s route and itinerary will cover the best locations Sabah has to offer covering jungle trekking to the lost world to visit the former Camel Trophy camp (built by the Camel Trophy team in 1993), river cruise in search of wildlife, paddle the Padas River,  trek to the best waterfalls, take the most nostalgic train ride (only train line in Borneo which remained very much the same since 1993), join a charity event at a remote village and get to know the ancestral guardian of the caves!


After the event, a coffee table book of each expedition will be published detailing the beautiful destinations that were visited, the crew, the vehicles, the participants and detailed route maps, permits, entrance fees for overland enthusiasts who wish to revisit the routes in the future. Each participant will get a copy of the beautifully illustrated coffee table book to keep for memories and more importantly, this book will be distributed worldwide to promote overland tourism for the island of Borneo.

Wish to welcome and thank YM Dato’ Seri Tengku’s generous support toward The Borneo Expedition!

Please visit our website at: more complete information.


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